Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction 2018 – Documentation


Chemist lab is a simple game that is simulating simple reaction between cation and anion in the chemistry reaction. This game mainly utilized high interactivity between object and players to give an exciting experience in learning.



In this game i mainly focused on the back-end part. with the help of guntur i am in charge of creating the game mechanism. The scope of my responsibilities is including the drag and drop mechanism,  creating the UHD back-end process and also the main logic of the game.


Drag and Drop mechanism

Since the main interaction of this game is through the drag and drop, i am in charge of making sure that the flow of the drag and drop system is going smoothly. I am also in charge of preventing the players from mis-applicating the drag and drop mechanism. One of my job is to disable the drag, drop and combining function at certain system status, like during game pause.


Creating UHD back-end progress

In the UHD part i am in charge of creating the logic about UHD behaviour in certain condition. such as how The UHD will react if it is clicked, hovered by the mouse, or given a certain condition. Certain condition here is like the changing display of the requested item UHD based on the users progress.


Game Main logic

Here in the main logic i am in charge of determining the variables that is needed for the game flow and Making sure that the game flow is going in the right order. for instances, in this game i am in charge of making sure that the variable of the game is correct and preventing it from bugged because of the users action.


Team Member:

Dumac R. C. – 2101699653

Excelino N. A. F. – 2101684626

Guntur S. – 2101684563

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