30 dec-6 Jan At the current week our project are near to it completion. however, some minor issues such as its inability to detect imagesize, converting the given image size […]

23 Dec-30Dec After prediction algorithm is tesed and built, the team started to do research for the comparison methodology. our team found out that there is several possible method to […]

9 dec – 16 dec After doing some research we found out that three neural network layer can be used to recognize handwritten letter.The CNN(convolutional neural network) layer, as the […]

The harvester

Theharvester is tools that are used to gather information related to emails, subdomains, hosts, employee names, open ports and banners from different public sources like search engines. To see the […]

DNS spoofing

DNS spoofing is a form of network hacking, where the attacker alters the request to certain domain name to another ip address. This hacking technique is very effective to be […]